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Duncan Jones is Excited for New Project from Comic Based Content into Big Screen

We have seen the movie Warcraft from the popular video game which was directed by Duncan Jones. This man will once more direct a comic book film although for now it is still kept wrap. Today, Hollywood is committing to create fresh superhero movie trends. For now, Marvel Studios is the top studio with regards to creating comic characters to the big screen. While Marvel is in Competition with DC whether in comics or even in the live action movies, there are still plenty of studios who are creating comic book into movies in spite of facing giant competition like the studios mention earlier.

Considering that even today, there are plenty of comic books being created for entertainment such as video games or movie on the screen, which means there are plenty of works for directors, writers, actors to make the story in live action movie. After Jones work with Warcraft, he has been eyed on to work another project. For fans expectation about Jones’ Warcraft was not that good, but still he remains a skillful film maker and will next to make one of the many comic book into the big screen. However, this does not mean it is always a superhero movie or genre.

While fans are waiting for anything new that would come out in the movie theater with regards to any work of Duncan Jones, so the director reveals he has some new work but still he is not telling specific story of his work. He is just telling his fans that he is so excited about his new projects even the director Edgar Wright has some idea about Jones project and he is also eager to see it completed.

Since Jone’s project is still hidden, it put fans in clear speculation of what kind of comic book the director is working as his next project. If we begin to check which one he is working right now, we can begin thinking of Marvel Studios. For now, there are only few projects which are known and few smaller ones are already surfacing in the Internet. Probably one of the sure thing revealed is that, he is working right now titled The Eternals, a project that will make Jones having a plenty of time to think for great style and huge scope to discover.

Marvel who is working lots of project these days has employing screen writers for the film, so the director search might be finished as well. It is likely that Duncan Jones deal was done in secret, however, it may be somehow unthinkable that this is how the information would be revealed and not based on the actual trade or Marvel directly. While the other huge universe in the gaming genre is the unofficially titled DCEU, one work that fans speculating which have involve Jones on wish list is Green Lantern Corps. Like his project in the past, The Eternals would present Jones the whole world to discover and create his own style and ideas while working to enhance the concept of the movie .

This is same as well for project Gambit which also needs some skillful director, however once more, but Jones not really looking forward to create a superhero movie, but who knows he is just making stories in order to surprise fans about his project. The most obvious project he might be creating maybe is just a smaller movie. Studios have been looking for titles which they can get great profit about it. We will need only to wait when the right time when Duncan Jones should reveal his project to the fans.

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