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The Basics of a Cricket Wicket Keeper

Okay guys, what I am looking for my wicket keepers and I am keeping an eye on three things – the head, the hands, and feet.

  • Head – I am looking at to see my keepers are moving their heads to the line and then adjusting their heads to the length of the ball.
  • Hands – I am looking at to see that my keepers are maintaining a nice wide catching area with their hands.
  • Feet – I am looking at to see that their feet are moving together as a unit and the keepers are staying in the balls of his feet as much as he can in order to make quick, sharp, small adjustments to the ball.

What we are seeing on the clip is that our keeper got a slightly lazy right foot and that his left foot is pointing towards the bowler and down the wicket. His right foot is off a different angle. So, the first thing we need to do is to get those feet aligned up in the same way. The left foot is correct. We just need the right foot pointing on the same direction and have the same angle of bend in our legs through both legs.

The way in which we do this is pretty simple. Just take your time and make sure before you take a take – that the feeder – or the feeder throws the potential take that your feet are pointing on the same direction.

In addition to this, I would like to see our keeper bring his feet closer together. I think they are a touch too far apart. Eight inches closer would be good. Some keeper have a preference to keep their feet wider, that is okay. There is no set rule as long as they are catching the ball. That is the most important thing.