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Tips When Creating PayPal Account

Nowadays, more and more people are using PayPal as an electronic payment system. It certainly made the payment transaction easier and efficient whether its for online shopping or sending and receiving money for business transactions. However, it is not fully guaranteed to be perfect at all. There are also some things that we want to change regarding PayPal. Here are most common issues that PayPal users encountered when using it.

First, you only need to have one account in every one card. Based on the policy of PayPal, you can only link a credit card or a debit card to a one PayPal account. You cannot use any other PayPal account using the same card. If you would like to do so, then you need to remove your card account from the previous PayPal account so that you can link it to your new one. If you have several bank accounts, then it might be quite frustrating since you need to create more PayPal accounts and it can be a bit annoying to keep them all tracked.

Second, you can only link debit or credit cards. According to the PayPal policies, prepaid card, gift card, as well as one-time-use card cannot be linked to a PayPal account due to security reasons. Though it may be a bit disappointing since using them through PayPal most like save you much time and effort but on the other hand, it is also for your own good to secure your account since PayPal is merely strict when it comes to security policies. As what they used to say: it is better safe than sorry. On this matter, it leaves you no choice but to agree with them.

Finally, make sure that the billing address you have provided is the same with your card statement address. This is the most common issue that PayPal users faced when using it. When creating a PayPal account, you always need to double check your credit or debit card statement address to make sure that it matches to the billing address you provided. This method once again is for safety purposes and it is for your own good.

Above are just some of the most common concerns that users are facing when using PayPal money generator no surveys. Nonetheless, there are still quite more issues which can possible occur. If you happen to read this and got some issues with your PayPal account that was not mentioned, the best thing that you could do is to contact their customer support and tell them your concerns and you will most likely be accommodated.